Hola! I'm Fiorella
Pronounced: (Fee-oh-reh-la)
Art Directing in Toronto.
Born and raised in tiny El Salvador.   
I think, dream and speak in Español, English and Italiano.
Sometimes I have ideas. Sometimes I get to make something out of them.
Things I've done
Bensimon Byrne/Narrative PR, Toronto 2017 - Present. Art Director
J Walter Thompson, Toronto 2016 - 2017.  Art Director
Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto - 2014 to 2016. Intern & Jr. Art Director
Sid Lee, Toronto - Summer 2013. Intern Art Director
Nspire Innovation Network (University of Toronto) - 2013 to 2014. VP Graphics and branding
OCAD University, Toronto - 2010 to 2014. Bachelor of Design in Advertising

Say hey

Thanks for visiting my portfolio. If you’re here for recruiting purposes, definitely also check out the great talent at diversecreatives.com, wherearetheblackdesigners.com, CreativeWomenofColor.com. Our industry could certainly use different perspectives.